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My Current Skincare Routine

I think many times we underestimate the importance of a great skincare regimen. I'm a makeup loving girl through and through, but it can only do so much ( it can't completely hide texture). To me, skincare is worth the investment because our skin is with us for, well...ever.

I am someone who has struggled with finding the right balance for my skin for most of my teenage and early adult years. I've tried it all - from the harsh chemicals in Proactiv to the most natural cleansers made of pure botanicals. I have spend so much time switching out products and trying to handle my acne prone skin that I am beyond thrilled that this combination of products seems to finally be just what I have needed all along!

This combination of products is what finally freed me from Proactiv - if you've been there you know what a huge deal that is! In short, Proactiv worked very well for my skin. However, I wanted to get away from the harsh ingredients, as although my skin was "clear&q…

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