It's Always A Good Time to Focus on Self Care

As the title says, its always a good time to focus on self care, but during these stressful and unprecedented times, it really should be a priority. You always hear sayings like "you can't pour from an empty cup" but it is so true. Whether you are back at work, working from home, experiencing a job loss, the loss of a loved one, or any sort of emotional or mental strain, these tips may help you to wind down and truly fill your cup.

At-Home Spa Nights
I’m not sure about you, but I sure do miss a good massage and facial right now. Even though I do not personally feel comfortable with going to a spa right now, that does not mean that I cannot have a spa day...I can do it in my own home! One way to do so is by purchasing some luxurious products that give off the “spa vibes,” and hire your significant other or family member to get to work on your back! You can even get one of those fabulous back massagers on Amazon. Grab a good face mask, your beverage of choice, and hop in your tub with a bath bomb and relax! I like to play a spa playlist on my phone to get the full experience. That leads me to my next point on ways to implement self-care...


If you are in the tub, or even if you are not, grab a book and start reading! Everyone is different, but for me, reading really helps me wind down after a long and stressful day. If you are stressed out due to COVID, or if you are stressed out from a long day, grab a good book and get to reading. The book can be anything! Fiction, non-fiction - even a cookbook! Seriously. You will find that your heart rate will drop (as long as it's not a quick-paced murder mystery, haha), you will forget about your worries, and typically, it will help promote sleep, so you will feel more rested in the morning!

Get Outside

Going outside is a great way to work on your self-care. Nature heals - I am convinced of that - and it dramatically improves mental health. Nature helps you feel more at eased, less stressed, less angry, and more happy. Right now, a lot of us are focusing more on boosting our health and the extra Vitamin D that the sun provides is a great way to give your immune system a huge boost. Plus, if you take off your shoes, you can help your body detox some if you practice "grounding." Haven't heard of it? Look it up and let me know what you think! If I haven't convinced you yet to get outside, then let me just say one word that will convince you: BEACH! The beach is a great place to unwind, reset, and renew. Plus, all of the salt and sun is so good for you. Of course, if you are going outside and to the beach, please make sure that you are being respectful of those around you and stay 6 feet apart.

Go For An Adventure

If you are getting really tired and cooped up at home, it could help you so much if you went on an adventure. In Georgia, there are so many outdoor places that you can explore! The mountains are a short drive away and so is the beach. There are plenty of great spots to explore such as Tybee Island, Stone Mountain (hike it!), and even outdoor wineries in North Georgia, around the Dahlonega area. Plus, great hikes and sights around that area, too.

Improve Your Kitchen Skills

Improve your kitchen skills because you are probably eating in more and desperately need a good meal. This will keep your mind busy, give you something fun to do, and it will be tasty too. If your body is looking a little bloated, this might be a good way to reset and get back to a healthier lifestyle, too.

Work On Your Mental Health

Physical health is important and all aspects of health go hand in hand, but besides the ill individuals and lowered immune systems, our mental health has also taken a huge hit, and that’s a really important fact to point out. Our mental and physical health go hand in hand, like I mentioned above, so if you are not taking care of your mental health, more than likely your physical health is also taking a dip. The same goes vice versa. If you notice that your mental health is taking a dip and has not been the priority as of late, you probably need a refresher course in getting back to a good mental state. One way to do this that really helps improve mental health (especially if you are battling with anxiety, depression, family issues, etc.), is to talk with a licensed and experienced counselor. Any of the counselors at Ray of Hope Counseling Services can get you through any tough life situation or change and their therapy groups in Atlanta are so helpful, as well. Their reviews are amazing, they have convenient locations all over Georgia, and their counselors are highly educated and trained. Their HIPPA-compliant, face-to-face online counseling options are amazing for those individuals (or couples, or families) that are too busy to make it in - or too concerned about health right now. You do not have to worry about traffic, travel time, waiting rooms, or even getting dressed! Plus, it’s covered by most insurance plans, as well. Mental health has definitely taken a hit and it’s really important that we start focusing on improving it. Call Ray of Hope Counseling Services to schedule your first appointment today!




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