A Spring Dress For Any Occasion

Dress    |   Sandals 

If you need an easy spring dress that fits just about any occasion - this is it! Although spring events as we knew them are basically non-existent right now, there are still times you may want to dress up as you typically would, even if the event itself looks different - think drive-by showers, Zoom birthday parties, virtual graduation watch parties, or even a picnic date with your significant other. Or maybe you're like me and just need to get out of the loungewear and into an actual outfit every now and then.

What I love about this dress is how roomy and comfortable it is. I mean, just because I'm ready to put on a dress does not mean I'm ready to sacrifice comfort! The tiered look makes it flow just right and it is roomy through the sleeves and body, making it ideal for an occasion where you want to look nice, but may also be sitting on the couch or driving by someone's house. If you do happen to have any small events later into the summer, like a small backyard wedding, this look would be perfect for that as well! It also comes in magenta and baby blue.

I hope this post brought a small sense of normalcy to your day and I hope that you are staying safe and healthy out there friends! Let me know in the comments what "events" you would wear something like this for. 




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