Three Tips To Make a Long Distance Move Easier

Moving to a new city can be an exciting, but overwhelming, time for a family. Perhaps your kids are small enough that they won’t notice a big change or they are older and are struggling to adapt to their new environment. Often new jobs and new careers come with the promise of a new opportunity or a pay increase for future growth which is extremely exciting and beneficial for the family. It’s okay to feel a bit nervous especially with new challenges that come with moving or a job transfer that happens to be long-distance with pets and family members involved. 

Finding time to pack all our treasures, transferring them safely is a task that most families find extremely stressful, never mind attempting to line up trying to break a lease on your apartment or finding a place to live before starting your new career. The hardest part might be just how to even start with all of it. Below are a few options to help you figure out this big move. 

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Look For Temporary Housing: One of the biggest struggles many first or seasonal movers face is finding a place to live in their new city. It would be so much easier to sell our old home and then find a new place to live soon after. We don’t all live in that perfect world, and with kids out of school or delays along the way, this is where our frustration can be at a peak. Sometimes job opportunities come at inopportune times and can make it extremely stressful to get it all done in a timely fashion. If you have recently relocated your family, which means spending time apart while you get settled and your family stays back to finish school, you may need an option to help you with looking for temporary housing. If you find yourself in this situation, you should look into housing such as short term furnished rentals in Atlanta. They rent corporate housing and short term furnished apartments at affordable rates.

Furnished Apartments Atlanta also provides housing solutions for business professionals who are needing corporate housing as well as for families or students that are looking for a furnished apartment for 30 days or more.

Ask For Help - There are so many big and small things to get done when it comes to long-distance moving. While friends and family can be there to help you move a few streets down, moving across the state or even coast to coast is an entirely different ordeal. Many of your helpers might not be able to take time off or even have the means to help you with such a huge task. One of the biggest ways to help ease your stress is hiring a professional company to pack, lift the boxes, and even help you set things up in your new location. Do your research to find companies beforehand and also check out their references. In doing so, while it might seem like an extra cost, the stress will easily come off your shoulders so you can focus on other things. 

Get Your Organization Going: Another way to help you make the move a bit easier, and your sanity, is to get organized. If you aren’t into budgeting or not a list person, you might want to get some help with this. Helping you get organized can help run things smoothly and give you a small peace of mind. It’s also easy to overlook small but essential tasks when you move so creating a list of ‘things to get done before you move’ can help make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. These lists can be as simple as “children’s new school list” and writing down lists of documents they will need, new appointments they need to be made with a dentist, doctor, or sports. If you have pets, you’ll want to get a copy of their vet record as well as any appointments to make for utility, cable, and internet you’ll have set up once you have a home or apartment in place. Creating a binder can help keep all these papers, contracts, and appointments in one central location for you to reference when you need it as well as keep things updated and staying on track.

The biggest tip to help make your move easier is to try not to stress over everything. Give yourself enough time to go through your home, figure out what you want to sell, keep or donate, and set time aside to do these things week or months in advance every day. It may seem like a tedious process but if you do a little each day, it won’t leave you feeling as overwhelmed or pressure to get it all done in one weekend. 


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