How I Create an At-Home Spa Night

I don't know about you guys, but I love a night in relaxing and regrouping, especially at the end of a long week or before a busy week starts. At home spa nights are a great little ritual to add to your week to bring in some peace and self-care to our otherwise hectic schedules. Essential parts of my spa  nights include:

1. Bubble bath or bath bomb
Something with a relaxing scent and soothing qualities!

2. Candles
We have a Hue bulb above our tub, so I don't always do this since we can change the color of the light and dim it from our phones. But it is a nice touch to include and gives such a warm, relaxing ambiance. 

3. Spa music
We recently got a HomePod for upstairs, so I use that to play my favorite relaxing instrumental music. 

4. Sugar Scrub
I make these myself and always have one on hand. Exfoliating makes your skin so soft and fresh!

5. Cozy robe
My Barefoot Dreams robe is like my security blanket. So incredibly soft and cuddly!

6. Scented lotion
Bath and Body works Stress Relief is always perfect for after a spa night (or any scent that you find relaxing and really enjoy), 

7. Face mask
Depending on my skin and the time of year, I'll go for a clay mask or a hydrating sheet mask. I find masks to be so purifying and refreshing. 

8. Rich foot cream and fuzzy socks
Enough said, right? Treat your feet and be cozy. 

9. Movie and downtime
After a soothing bath and relaxing, finish out the night by watching a movie, binging a show, or doing something that will continue your relaxed state and leave you going to bed feeling peaceful.

I know this is something that many of us feel we don't have enough time for, but I promise even just taking one night a week to invest in yourself will pay off! You'll start out the next day feeling renewed and balanced and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

What are some of your stress-relieving rituals??




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