5 Things You Need to Know for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Cardigan: Barefoot Dreams (one of my most loved purchases from the Nsale EVER!)

Ahh! The excitement is already setting in that it is July and that means Nordstrom's Anniversary sale is just around the corner. If you're not familiar with the sale, it is the one time each year that Nordstrom releases brand new items for fall/winter majorly on sale. I always think of it as a backwards sale, because typically a sale is old items that a store wants to clear out. Instead, the Anniversary Sale is brand new items immediately marked down - but prices go up August 6th. It is GOLD, you guys! I've shopped the sale for the past two or three years and I can attest to the fact that the items I buy during the sale are some of my most worn, most loved items all year round. This is a great time to stock up on staple pieces, fill in any gaps in your wardrobe for fall, and even to splurge on something special that you might not typically purchase full price. It is also a perfect time to shop for Christmas gifts because you are able to get some really nice, quality items for a great price.

1. The Dates:

Early Access for Cardholders - July 12th-19th at 12am PST/3amEST

Public access  - July 20th - August 5th

*Prices go up August 6th

2. Apply for a Nordstrom credit card. Card holders shop 8 days earlier than everyone else! This is huge, because items sell out very quickly and sizes can get picked over by the time the public sale starts. I really like the benefits of my card throughout the year also, because you earn "Nordstrom Notes" that are basically free cash to spend in store or online at Nordstrom. I've saved a lot of money using these and have even placed orders that were completely free because I used my notes. Signing up for a credit card will also earn you an free $40 note that you can spend during the sale too! You can apply for a Nordstrom credit card here.

3. Things will sell out fast  - but keep checking for restocks. If you see that something you were dying to have is sold out, don't completely give up hope. Items are generally restocked throughout the sale. That being said, keep your eyes peeled for those restocks, because they will likely sell out again!

4. Order as many times as you'd like during the sale. Nordstrom offers free shipping, so feel free to place multiple orders ( I think I honestly placed 6 or 7 different orders last year). This is helpful since items sell out quickly and merely having them in your cart doesn't guartentee them if they sell out while you're browsing other items. Take advantage of the preview days and make a list of items you know you want to snag. That way, as soon as access opens you can go ahead and purchase those items and then leisurely browse the sale after you have secured your must haves. Another reason that I love being able to place multiple orders is that I love seeing what others have bought! There have been quite a few times that I see a story on Instagram or a post where someone is sharing some fabulous finds that I missed during my first go-round. There is just honestly no way to see it all because there are SO many items included in the sale!

5. Plan ahead. Do you have a trip planned to a cold climate this winter and know you'll need a warm coat? Would a Barefoot Dreams robe be the perfect gift for your mom at Christmas this year? Are some of your favorite hair tools about to quit on you, but you haven't splurged on new ones yet? Think through the next few seasons and analyze your needs. I know its July and it might seem odd to be thinking about jackets, sweaters and Christmas gifts, but I promise you'll be glad you did. Waiting to wear your new cold weather clothes is part of the fun! There are plenty of items that you will be able to start enjoying right now, but it really does feel good to feel stocked up for fall and winter too. Not to mention getting a jump start on that Christmas shopping and having really nice gifts to give, all because you planned ahead!

You've probably already guessed that you'll be seeing a lot of me during the sale - make sure to follow me on Instagram to see my stories/posts where I will have tons of recommendations, try on sessions, whats in my cart, etc. This is by far my favorite sale of the year and I will make sure to keep you guys informed and updated! I would love to interact with you all both here on the blog and on Instagram so we can all share our fabulous Nsale Sale finds! Drop any questions you have below and I'll be sure to answer them...and in the meantime, let the excitement build and get ready to shop your heart out!




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