Elizabeth Arden Creamy Lipsticks


To be completely honest, I hadn't tried anything from Elizabeth Arden until recently. There is such an element of class and quality behind the name, so I'm surprised that I hadn't tried any products until I received a big gift set around the holidays full of Elizabeth Arden goodies. Needless to say, receiving any new makeup makes me super excited - but something both classic and new to me meant I was ready to dig in! As with many brands, some of the products I loved and some fell short, but these amazingly creamy lipsticks were my favorite products in the entire collection! 

Personally, one of the qualities I look for in a lipstick is how moisturizing it is. That, my friends, is where these exceeded my expectations! I thought my M.A.C. lipsticks were moisturizing and creamy (and they are) but these...are like putting on lip balm, but with amazing color payoff and opaque coverage! You can build them up for some serious opacity or sheer them out a bit if you prefer that look. 

The colors are also really flattering and wearable. Even the bold colors are colors that I am happy to have in my collection - everyone needs a good red and a bold and bright berry. Pale Petal and Pretty Pink have become staples in my daily lipstick rotation. Pale Petal is quite possibly one of the best nudes I have ever found and Pretty Pink is a unique pink that gives a pop of color while still looking balanced and not like your lips are the focus of the entire look. 

If you're like me and love a great moisturizing lipstick with amazing color payoff, I would highly recommend checking these out! I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any other shade recommendations!



Link to products

Pale Petal, Pretty Pink, Red Door Red: https://www.elizabetharden.com/beautiful-color-moisturizing-lipstick-BLSC414.html

Raspberry: https://www.elizabetharden.com/beautiful-color-moisturizing-lipstick-in-matte-shades-1002BLSC440.html?dwvar_1002BLSC440_color=blsc448&cgid=


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