Jewelry Armoire

I've been in total "spring cleaning" mode the past week. I truly thrive off of an organized space - not to say that it stays that way, by any means. But I have to have a system in place so that I can tidy up daily and everything has a "home" so to speak. Jewelry is definitely one category of items that can accumulate fast and get disorganized easily. I invested in this jewelry armoire when we moved into our house four years ago and I am so incredibly glad that I did! Not only does it hold a ton, but it tucks it all away inside a beautiful piece of mirrored furniture to give your space a clutter free look. I could not be more obsessed! 

The very top opens up and includes tons of ring slots. I don't have too many rings, so I use mine to hold my stud earrings. The right side is open space to store whatever you want. Next, when you open the two doors, there are necklace holders on the inside of each door and five drawers in the middle of varying depth. I use the first two shallow ones to store my earrings, the third for bracelets, the fourth for nicer bracelets and statement necklaces, and the fifth for more chunky necklaces. Finally, there are two mirrored deep drawers at the bottom. I'm currently using one to store sunglasses and the other to store my jewelry travel bags, jewelry cleaner, etc. There are endless possibilities with this thing! I cannot recommend it enough. The way I justified it to myself is that I'm investing in organization and care for my jewelry and a beautiful furniture piece that complements the room and gives a clean look to the space. Unlike some home decor items, this is something that I actually use each and every day. 

Also, since it's mirrored and comes in 3 colors, it will match just about any room. But in case you want the whole set, it is part of the Hayworth Collection from Pier1. This is one of my favorite furniture collections of all time!

I hope this was helpful and gives you some inspiration to organize your jewelry and accessories (and decorate your home at the same time). Let me know if you'd like to see more organization or home posts!




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