My Current Skincare Routine

I think many times we underestimate the importance of a great skincare regimen. I'm a makeup loving girl through and through, but it can only do so much ( it can't completely hide texture). To me, skincare is worth the investment because our skin is with us for, well...ever.

I am someone who has struggled with finding the right balance for my skin for most of my teenage and early adult years. I've tried it all - from the harsh chemicals in Proactiv to the most natural cleansers made of pure botanicals. I have spend so much time switching out products and trying to handle my acne prone skin that I am beyond thrilled that this combination of products seems to finally be just what I have needed all along!

This combination of products is what finally freed me from Proactiv - if you've been there you know what a huge deal that is! In short, Proactiv worked very well for my skin. However, I wanted to get away from the harsh ingredients, as although my skin was "clear" I didn't feel that it was healthy. The thing with that particular regimen is that once I stopped using even just one of the products, my skin would go completely crazy. I tried to go through detox phases and let my skin acclimate to new products, but it just never worked and I always ended up going back to Proactiv so that my skin would be clear. It wasn't until I discovered two products in particular - Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads and Kate Somerville Anti Bac - that I was truly able to quit Proactiv and  finally gain freedom in my skincare routine to try out new products. It sounds a bit dramatic, but I want every girl to know that you can find a mix between effective skincare and more healthy ingredients. You CAN have clear skin that is also healthy and that you feel in control of.

Let me just go ahead and say that this entire regimen might not work for everyone. I have combination skin that tends to be more on the oily side and is very acne prone. If that's you, then girl - I would totally reccomend trying out this entire regimen! If not, then there may be a product or two in here that speak to your skin type that you can try out for yourself. The bottom line - take good care of your skin, it will always be worth it!

My Morning Skincare Routine

1. Biore Charcoal Cleanser (no Clarisonic)

My Nighttime Skincare Routine

2. Wash face with Biore Charcoal Cleanser (use Clarisonic)
** Every 2-3 days - gently exfoliate with Lancer Polish**
5. Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice moisturizer *add a drop of One Drop Wonder a few nights per week*

              *OleHenriksen Cold Plunge Mask - once per week/as needed

Regimen Details

This is my holy grail of makeup removers! It removes everything with very little effort - even the most stubborn waterproof makeup. I use it on my entire face and I especially like how gentle it is on the eye area. I just gently massage a little on and rinse it right off - no scrubbing, wiping or pulling!

I'm in love with my Clarisonic! The Mia 3 is discontinued, but you can't go wrong with any of their face brushes! I use mine at night with my cleanser after removing my makeup and I love how deeply it cleans and exfoliates. Even after removing makeup beforehand, it gets every trace of makeup, oil, and grime off of your face. I'd highly recommend investing in one!

This is the cleanser I use both morning and night. I have a thing for charcoal cleansers because I feel like they are so good at clearing out my pores without striping my skin. I have used some higher end charcoal cleansers in the past, so I was super excited to find this one at the drugstore. I had no clue that I would love this one even more than its high end counterparts! It really cleans and leaves my skin feeling balanced  - and it has the BEST cooling sensation! I seriously look forward to washing my face just for the refreshing feeling that this gives. 

Okay, so don't judge me! This is definitely where my bougie self comes out. This scrub is not cheap. Not cheap at all. I'm still amazed and a little worried about my own judgement that I even bought it. But to be completely honest, I will buy it again when this one runs out! I use it at night every 2-3 days and it is seriously like microdermabrasion at home! I can't even put into words how good this stuff is. It leaves my skin feeling sooo smooth and even conditioned - it has pumpkin seed extract and other great ingredients! I feel that it helps my complexion look smooth and polished and helps my skincare treatments work more effectively. 

Tip: I purchased this during the Sephora VIB sale in last fall. At the rate it's going it will last me until the VIB sale this fall. Save some money and get it on sale!

I use these Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads at night right after cleansing and exfoliating my face. They have 10% glycol acid, which my skin responds really well to. They keep my skin clear, minimize pores, and even have some anti-aging benefits! I love the yummy peach bellini smell too!

Tip: Cut your pads in half! I've found that it really isn't necessary to use a full pad each night. Cutting them in half gives me more than enough product and makes them last twice as long. Win!

I use this treatment morning and night right before my moisturizer. Although it says "acne cleaning lotion" it is really more of a treatment (it has the consistency of a lotion, but I need more moisture). I have a real love for this stuff because it contains 5% benzoyl peroxide (they key ingredient to keeping my skin under control), but also contains argan, sesame, and saw palmetto extracts to help combat oil production and keep skin moisturized. If you've used benzoyl peroxide before, you know how drying it can be. I find that this combination of ingredients basically cancels out the drying effects of the benzoyl - which is awesome! However, I still need a moisturizer after, hence the reason I consider this a "treatment"and not a "lotion." I've gone through at least 3 bottles of these and my skin definitely notices if I skip a day!

Oh, sweet Watermelon Pink Juice! I heard about this K beauty brand selling out online for months at a time and all of the hype behind it. I ended up discovering it just a week or so before it came to Sephora. After hearing all of the rave reviews, you better believe I was ready on launch day to add it to my cart! I noticed a difference in just ONE use. It's that good. Now that I've gone through about 3 bottles of this magic, I can say that it is so much more than just a moisturizer. I can really tell that it is nourishing my skin from the inside out, not just giving moisture that will wash away with no lasting effects. Its sounds strange to say, but my skin feels completely different ever since I started using this stuff  - and I'm loving it! It's not greasy or like a typical moisturizer AT ALL! So, so good!

Once a week, I like to use a masque. I tend to enjoy the benefits of clay masques, but hate that tight feeling. This one has all the skin benefits that come with a clay masque and none of that plaster/tightening feeling! It's a deep aqua color, minimizes poor and clears them out, and feels like such treat for your skin. It dries, but doesn't get "hard" and it rinses right off without much effort. Perfect addition to a spa night!

I like to use an eye cream at night to keep my eye area moisturized and refreshed. I like this Ceramide Eye Gel by Mario Badescu in the spring/summer. It is a cool gel (I store mine in the refrigerator) that will eliminate any puffiness and lightly moisturize. 

I also like to mix a drop of this One Drop Wonder from LimeLight in with my moisturizer a few days a week. It's 100% pomifera oil (research the benefits - very interesting). Sometimes I use it at night and sometimes in the mornings - I has a natural UV protectant in it, so its great for daytime use. I always have this stuff on hand for cuts, bug bites, rashes, anything! My hubby swears by this stuff too and uses it to heal just about anything within a couple days.  

. . .

I hope you found this post helpful and maybe found something new to try! Let me know if you love some of these products too or your thoughts if you try something out. I'd also love to hear about any of your skincare must haves!




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